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Chilodonella sp, and Trichodina sp Infections in Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus obtained from Cross River Estuary and Adjacent Coastal Waters. By: J. T. Abraham, I. G. Ukpong and E. I. Ogban


Four  hundred  Chrysichthys  nigrodigitatus  were  examined  for  protozoan  parasites  using  saturated saline bath, mild formalin bath, saturated saline floatation and method described for histopathology. Seventy (17.5%) infection was recorded. Forty two (10.5%) and Twenty eight (7.0%) were constituted by Chilodonella  sp  and  Trichodina  sp  respectively.  The  two  parasites  occurred  on  the  skin  and  gills respectively. Chilodonella was evident on the skin by dilated mucus pore and excessive mucus secretion by the infected fish. In addition to excess mucus on gill of fish infected by Trichodina sp, hypertrophy of the  gill  filament  was  observed.  While  highest  prevalence  of  Chilodonella  sp  (10.8%)  was  observed during wet season. Trichodina  occurred mostly (18.2%) during dry season. Chilodonella sex parasitism favoured  female  fish  while  that  of  Trichodina  favoured  male  fish.  Parasite  intensity  and  condition factor decreased with length. Marketed fish should be examined to ensure parasite free fish protein presented for public consumption.