Assessment of Changing Patterns of Landuse in Calabar, Cross River State. By: Margaret-Ambo. A. Yaro, Ben E. Ojikpong and Eja I. Eja.


Human beings have modified land to obtain the basic needs and other essentials of life for many years, such modifications have caused a great change in the patterns of landuse in Cross River State. It is on this backdrop that this paper seeks to critically assess the changing patterns of landuse in Calabar municipality. However, four major streets were used which include IBB way, Marian road, Odukpani road, Murtala Mohammed Highway while taking into consideration other minor streets. The data were obtained from direct field observation, and information such as landuse patterns, factors affecting commercial landuse and rental value of land were captured in the questionnaire. The data used for testing of the hypothesis were analyzed using the Pearson's ranked correlation coefficient. Findings show that there was a significant variation in the landuse as evidenced in the tested hypothesis with a calculated value of 2.00 greater than the critical value of 1.96 which indicate a positive correlation between the two variables.Therefore, the government and other stakeholders should ensure effective controlled of the use of land if the environmental aesthetics of Calabar municipality must be maintained.