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Analysis of Select Strategies and Approaches in Management of Communication in Planning and Execution in the Use of Communication for National Development in Nigeria. By: Patrick U. Ineji


This paper critically analyzes some strategies and approaches employed by government, corporate bodies and organizations in the dissemination of development communication campaigns in Nigeria and beyond. Based on its objectives, a critical evaluation of the success or otherwise of some strategies/approaches employed by past governments and information/change agents were examined. It was revealed that wrong application and utilization of these methods did not yield the desired results. Hence, the need for a complete overhall and review of past and current strategies have become an imperative. These strategies are the use of multi-media (a combination of indigenous media system with the modern mass media), message design that would be relevant to the needs of the people, use of language clearly understood. The target audience, use of group, local, and interpersonal media such as opinion leaders, and other community leaders; age grade leaders, women leaders, political leaders and religious leaders etc.