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  • dean engrDean: Prof. A. N. Nzeako
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    History of the Faculty
    The Faculty of Engineering will always be counted as one of the units of the University that have benefited greatly from the administration of Professor E. Efiom Ene-Obong as Vice Chancellor. This Faculty report contains the highlights of these benefits.
    Development of Physical Facilities
    ¨ Construction of a Faculty of Engineering Administrative Block.
    ¨ Construction of four Engineering Studios, one for each department of the faculty.
    ¨ Construction of Access Roads to all the administrative blocks and workshops of the faculty.
    ¨ The construction of four Mechatronic Laboratories.
    Class Rooms and Lecture Halls
    No department in the Faculty has a class room and/or a lecture hall for itself. Lectures and all other academic activities are at present being conducted in the Workshops cum Laboratories and common university lecture theatres.

    Staff Offices
    Eighty percent of members of the academic staff have no personal office spaces. These include both regular (permanent and contract) and adjunct members of staff. Invariably, the lecturers operate from their cars; jumping from the car to the classroom and back into the car, with no place to stay and consult with students.

    Laboratory Equipment
    To the best of my knowledge and from available records, no Department in the Faculty has acquired any new equipment since the
    inception of the University in 2002. All the available equipment in all the laboratories/workshops were inherited from the defunct Polytechnic, and they are definitely obsolete.